Conferences with virtual lobbies

By using state-of-the-art technology and a fresh new approach, we have pushed virtual events beyond a simple live-stream, with virtual studios, new interactive engagement options, live video Q&A and rich media content.

You can be confident that several days-long conferences with multiple simultaneous broadcasts and many breakout sessions will be a memorable and well-received experience.

  • Enables for a virtual moderator aka Master of the Ceremony.
  • Selected moderator acts as an event host. The key role of a moderator is to make sure the conference runs according to the plan and on time while creating a positive atmosphere and mood among participants.
  • Interactivity – audience engagement: polling, quizzes, Q&A.​
  • Breakout sessions – this feature enables you simultaneously run several breakout sessions at once.

    Virtual presentations and keynotes

    From presentations of earnings and business results to product launches and demonstrations. This feature enables you to connect presenters and audiences from various corners of the world through TV-quality broadcasts in real-time. Custom-designed graphics to enhance communication and incorporated interactivity to increase engagement.​

    Your slides can be augmented into 3D environment to increase engagement and a “wow” effect and keep everyone focused on your key messages.​

    Townhall – panel discussion with integrated Q&A

    Whether these are your C-Suite executives answering questions of your employees across the world, or leaders discussing the launch of new corporate initiatives like operating during the pandemic, Diversity & Inclusion or Sustainability you can augment the communication impact and engagement of your audience using this feature.

    Enables for a virtual moderator to lead the discussion and Q&A session​.


    Internal corporate TV

    Go beyond a single live-stream by deploying a long-term sustainable solution. Create your own corporate television broadcast by using virtual event communication tools to create new information channel and keep everyone informed.​

    A combination of pre-recorded media content with live inputs, videos and animations can improve your communication and optimize your expenses.​

    eLearning and training

    Breathe fresh air into your eLearning content by using a modern approach of visual storytelling. Use all the tools of television studio-like animations, videos, and augmented reality to improve the experience of internal learning. Engage younger audiences and improve your HR efforts.​