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Mesmerize people with your story.

We help our clients present stories in most engaging ways.

XLAB Realtime is a New York based agency bringing your visions to life by providing unique creative talents working with a wide variety of media services. From staging and broadcast content, Fortune 500 companies conferences, VIP events, performance art, product launches, all the way to virtual reality and mixed reality applications and holographic projections. We offer state-of-the-art creative tools and sophisticated designer thinking in one all-encompassing solution.

We help our clients build their brands through captivating content and visual stories.

XLAB Realtime in 45 seconds

Captivate your audience with 3D presentations.

Present your ideas in a new immersive way.

We use unconventional projection scenes and panoramic projections to bring wide options for more creative visual content. We use combinations of LED technologies, video mapping and holographic projection to achieve a realistically looking 3D environment for your ideas to thrive in. Our resolution-independent software also enables us to visualize your data in real time and lets the audience to interact with the content to bring them inside your story.

Reality is mundane. Go for holograms and illusions.

Let your ideas go virtual with holographic projection and illusions.

Let your ideas resonate with the audience by using holograms and illusions to pull the spectators inside the story. We use several different techniques to achieve the holographic effects and there are also several different ways on how to technically deploy them. Did you know, you can have a hologram broadcasted in several different locations at once? Get in touch to learn more.

Real-time graphics for live events.

Inspire people with your concert, fashion show or performance.

Imagine projection backdrops blazing with color and light effects perfectly aligned with the choreography and underscored with just the right music. Multimedia and software work together in a smooth, sophisticated flow in order for the changing dramatic elements to meld into a coherent whole. We create visual shows that your audience will not forget.

Interactive exhibitions and showrooms.

Bring your ideas alive and let people interact.

We create unique one-of-a-kind experience for your visitors. Your exhibit will immerse then in the topic and make them use all their senses. Every application we develop encourages people to interact with your brand, product or an educational installation. Our clients range from multinationals in various industries to SMEs and museums as well as other public institutions.

Virtual and augmented reality applications.

Let the audience experience your world.

When is comes to mixed reality, there are no barriers between virtual and physical world with our HoloLens dedicated applications. We develop VR applications for CardBoard, VR Gear, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with one goal on mind – total immersion, because that is what matters to every user. Engage users with stunning pictures and video created in 360° technology.

Staging and graphics for live TV.

Broadcast your ideas with real-time graphics and virtual stages.

High-resolution LED lighting is the perfect stage design tool for making breathtaking backdrops and other decorations. We create sophisticated playout and suitable content closely following current trends in TV graphics. It involves working closely with architects starting from the visual concept phase and using video mapping techniques during the content creation phase to design virtual stages with stunning 3D effects. For on-air graphics, the visual concept encompasses the theme song, breaks, subtitles, graphic panels, and tables displaying points or results.

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