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Our people, your story


  • We are multimedia communication and technology integration experts who help businesses augment communication impact and intensify audience engagement​.
  • We bring together our dedicated client service management and expertise in technology to enhance your internal digital communication strategy and virtual events​.
  • We create interactive real-time TV-quality digital broadcast content and experiential spaces to captivate and effectively engage your audience through distinctive and impactful communication, immersive visual design, and technology integration.
  • We are a skilled team of 40+ professionals with 20 years of experience in hi-tech communication that can take full advantage of emerging technologies​.
  • Offices in New York and Prague

Our references

Microsoft, Lego, Edwards, IBM, UN, AXIS, Porsche, and others

Where can you meet us?

We organize our own events and presentations for our clients but we are also available to come to you and provide insight into our services on your schedule. If you would like to schedule a private presentation, please GET IN TOUCH.

XLAB Realtime will present its virtual and live events at SXSW 2021

SXSW XLAB Realtime

WHEN?: March 16 – 20, 2021
WHERE?: Online