Small team from XLAB Realtime landed in Los Angeles at the end of October 2017 to deliver an immersive presentation background during a large corporate conference. After obligatory sight-seeing spots in the City of Angels we moved close to the Anaheim Convention Center to prepare our massive projection mapping to support one of the presentations during a several-day conference.

Organizers squeezed a couple thousand of people into the convention center and prepared a cool 7-screen setup with an LED wall in the bottom. The broken-down symmetric large screen was perfect for our immersive abstract backgrounds that enabled the information to pop out of the screens. Our intro video was a modified version of a longer 270-degree sequence we did in Chicago earlier in the year. The modified video made an amazing impact on the full convention center and the stage entrance by the presenter was truly impressive.


Introduction video is one of the best ways to get everyone’s attention

Similar introduction videos coupled with interactive presentation with moving particles can make your presentation to really stand out from the crowd. We use a real-time rendering engine Ventuz that provides us a flexibility to implement even last-minute changes to the presentation yet is also robust enough to be able to seamlessly connect many different outputs. This way, we can flexibly serve several large screens, LED walls and other types of outputs simultaneously to create an amazing experience for every single person in the audience.

This massive projection mapping with several different outputs proved to be no match for our operators and the amazingly flexible Ventuz software. Putting a show on in larger venues is always a bit challenging with so many variables coming into play but careful preparation and flawless execution is what we do best.