Rivet your audience by the outstanding visual show

Create desired mood with our live events graphics

Be it a concert, fashion show or product launch we are here for you to help you create an experience your audience will hardly forget. Using state-of-the-art technology we are able to produce an outcome you long for. Special effects enhance the message you want to convey.

Grab attention with your product launch

Successful product launch is widely shared on social media. Cancel the noise and put a spotlight on your brand to beat the competition. We offer solutions to impress your audience and influencers. We develop comprehensive audiovisual concepts for product launches. Show technologies such as advanced stage design, video mapping, 3D illusion and interactivity are applied to help spread the message to a wide audience.

Steal the show at Fashion Week

Your next fashion show can look different and take your audience to uncharted territory. Projection backdrops blazing with color and light effects perfectly aligned with the choreography and underscored with just the right music. Visitors will love it! Everything including music and lights will work together in order to make your show stand out.

Music enhanced by amazing show

Music performance enhanced by visuals balancing mood, lighting and music to generate a comprehensive atmosphere. All encompassing services by Xlabrealtime from concept preparation from the scratch, to animations and graphics development and on-set work. Integration of lights, music, video and special effects blend into one epic visual show.