Interactive exhibitions, showrooms and installations

Step into the future with full interactivity of your ideas

Enter the new fascinating world of interactive applications to better connect with the visitors/users. Educate and entertain at the same time with custom made applications developed according to your original idea with a twist of our own. Success guaranteed.

Museums and educational interactive applications and exhibitions

Museums are using digital and mobile technologies to make visits more entertaining and educational at the same time. VR and AR are the future – they are the most interesting technologies for museums because they enhance visitor’s experience and bring a new dimension never experienced before. Examples of applications include 3D scanning of artifacts, AR interactions among many others. This is a new dimension of learning. Make it magical. Learning does not have to be boring and monotonous. Let historic figures come alive and talk to your students about their day and age.

Experiential exhibitions and events

Good looking and engaging showroom display built at trade show may be a perfect sales tool encouraging the visitors to interact with your brand and products or services your company offers. The same is true for exhibition stand. Interesting stand can outshine the competitors’ and draw bigger crowd of potential customers to yours. Make it memorable so visitors will remember yours among dozens of others. Use the interactive applications to hold an event like product launch to show off the features and advantages of your latest product.

Interactive corporate showrooms

Creation of an eye-catching permanent presentation of your brand, product or service can have positive impact on customers’ loyalty. Corporate showrooms do not have to be boring at all. Tell your story in an unorthodox way. Engage your customers on a whole new level by raising your game. Surprise them with an outstanding showroom that everyone wants to visit and see. Make it a must-visit site. Genuinely captivating experience for your employees, visitors or clients.