Holograms and illusions are delivering real results

Show your holograms but let your audience feel the reality

Rivet your audience by the outstanding visual show. Make it an experience they never forget and enhance your brand. Whether you are planning a fashion show, advertising campaign, company event or a product launch, holograms bring entirely new and groundbreaking presentation options. The holographic projection technology supports interaction with real persons or actual objects and 3D animations levitating in open space. Bring tomorrow closer to present.

Hologram stage and foil projection for unreal clarity

A hologram stage with a foil under the 45-degree angle allows for amazingly clear and crisp images floating in space and allows full interaction with real objects and persons. This staging solution provides for full mixed reality experience for your visitors. Foil projection solution is less space intensive and provides amazing holograms in constrained spaces. This implementation is also transferable and reusable in different locations.

All holograms can be deployed offline or online. Online deployment allows broadcast to multiple locations and real-time interactions with your audiences via dedicated application or forms. Ever tried to hold several conferences at once? Technical deployments allow for out-of-this-world customer service and client interaction.

3D illusions and the art of layers

3D illusions come from imperfections of human eye and have mesmerizing effects on your audience. By combining LED screens, video mapping techniques, holographic foils and lighting design it is possible to achieve the effect of realistic optical illusions. This approach is allows for construction of virtual stages and 3D objects floating freely in space.

Holograms in the water mist

Special technique of projection into a water mist/wall allows to create amazing holograms in open space or above a water body. Great solution for outdoor parties, music concerts or product promotion in open space.